My Experience Having Lipo at dr. Arthur’s Clinic in Medan

My experience having lipo at Dr. Arthur’s Clinic in Medan

This is my first blog. my initial name is Xin. i want to share some experiences when i am having lipo at dr.Arthur’s clinic.

Just introduce myself.. my name Xin. i am about 26years old. i got some problem with my weights and fat that bother me a lot. actually my weight is about 63kg at that time. but it’s already make me have a huge thighs that also make me not so good when i wore any pants or skirts. and make me not confident. i have also tried diet and slimming treatment, but it won’t works.or not seen any changing so much. it just decreased your weight little. it just nothing changed at all. i am almost desperate. and i tried to searched on google and youtube. for the first time, i knew about lipo or lipolysis. it’s the newest method by taking out your fat using a small scanula.but the amazing and it only bring a small scar after the surgery. and at that time, i heard about dr. Arthur. i read so many articles about him and when i searched on youtube..i found so many videos that he posted on it. i seen it and i really amazed with the results. so i decided to contact dr.Arthur by email to his assistant..Jennifer Cotto. and this may 2016, i have a chance to make appointment with dr.Arthur and having a 3 dimensional liposculpting thighs..done by dr.Arthur Tjandra in Medan. you can see on youtube..”case 363″ dr Arthur elixir de vie. you can see before and after the surgery. i am really happy with the result and i think i will come back again to do abdomen and arm lipo.


After 2 years full body lipo

It has been 2 years since the first time,dr arthur did the 3 dimensional thigh lipo, after that 3 dimensional abdomen lipo,then 3 dimensional arm lipo. I have got some weight. I let you see the picture taken by me on 2019 feb.

This is my “thigh’s look” now. It’s still in good shape,although i have gained some weight after lipo. Still looks nice and have shape. I share my left and right arm photo also..

Hi.. i just want to share the picture of my thigh one year later after lipo done at dr arthur tjandra in Medan. The result is very satisfied.. and i really like it.